SARMs Stack — Number 1 Kickstart Guide For Cutting & Bulking

SARMs Stack — Number 1 Kickstart Guide For Cutting & Bulking

Have you ever wondered why many bodybuilders stack SARMs? Yes, SARMs could be piled for cutting or bulking based on your specific goal.

In the following guide, I will share my own experience with SARM stacking. It’s a simple fact, SARMs are among the most consumed compounds for bodybuilding. Here’s a list of SARMs for sale for secure and natural bodybuilding.

Here, the success key is SARMs heap. Originally I kind of had this confusion, which SARMs to use for piling and for how long? It used to be quite hard for me to select which SARM I should select first.

Then I finally decided to approach my gym trainer to be able to get my diet and exercise chart ready. There I discussed my mind to call SARMs in my entire bodybuilding. To me, I got thumbs up to the same.

I got my diet and workout chart prepared to keep the usage of SARMs in mind. I was advised to follow the 4 different bodies forming bicycles and got recommended to utilize a different collection of SARMs stacked together for each cycle.

I have followed my diet and workout regimen and started taking SARMs simultaneously. It is rather tricky to think but I sort of noticed positive changes in just two weeks.

I personally paid attention to all the stuff mentioned by my instructors to me regarding SARMs including its duration, dose and pile.

Currently, I have completed all my transformation cycles and I’d love to share my authentic SARMs stack guide with you.

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SARMs Stack Cycles

Since I have previously mentioned, I have followed 4 transformation cycles beginning from:

  • Fat Loss Cycle
  • Bulking Cycle
  • Cutting Cycle
  • Power Building Cycle

After completing my Bulking cycle, I chose to participate in a professional bodybuilding competition. I actually never thought I would be able to do this but YAY! I did it. So I got two more cycles within my program. They are:

  • Pre-Competition Cycle
  • Curing Cycle

Honestly speaking, you need to know and understand the correct bicycles required for you. It is possible to reach out to your coach for exactly the same.

Just like if you are already involved in bodybuilding, then you may not need a fat reduction cycle or whether you’re already in shape and planning to get a contest then you can directly jump into the pre-competition regimen.

So organize your own cycles so and I suggest you try the SARMs that worked amazingly for me personally.

Also for women, most of the cycle patterns remain the exact same but you have to be careful as SARMs for Women intake are different during most of the cycles when compared with men.

The same applied to the dosage and length. The quantity and ingestion duration may vary for girls out of what I used for myself.

That is why I attained to my coach for knowing more about female SARM’s recommendation before writing this report. I also did my research and picked the mildest yet effective SARMs for women’s intake.

When I was done picking the cycles I need to follow along, I started considering which SARM to utilize in which cycle. So after you figure out which regiment you want to follow you should consider understanding the SARM stack for your cycle.

Best SARMs Stack For Fat Loss Cycle

I picked for this cycle since I had been obese and wanted to eliminate Fat. I motivated myself for joining the gym just to drop weight but end up being a professional bodybuilder.

Hence, if you are looking for Fat loss cycle SARMs pile then here we go.

SARMs For Men

I personally picked Ostarine MK-2866 and Ligandrol LGD-4033 for the fat reduction cycle as I was a newcomer and was advised to follow moderate SARMs. These two SARMs are light and extremely effective.

Ostarine aims at fat cutting and Ligandrol together with fat cutting supplies you superb energy for exercising in the gym. You’re highly advised to follow a calorie deficit diet in this cycle. Furthermore, I’ve included PhenQ pills in my fat loss cycle and I would advise you the exact same for safe and quick results.


Require 5 milligrams of each for two weeks and after that allow it to 10 mg per day for the rest of this cycle. For weight loss pills follow the recommended dosage.


The fat loss cycle should vary between 6-8 weeks and you have to eat SARMs and fat reduction pill during the complete cycle.

SARMs For Women

As I have already mentioned, Ostarine and Ligandrol are mild SARMs therefore are recommended for females as well. Along with SARMs, girls are also recommended to utilize appetite suppressants tablets. It is because in females fat loss is quite difficult because of elevated estrogen levels.


Require 5 mg of Ostarine for 2 weeks and then raise it to 10 milligrams for the rest of this cycle. Involve 5 milligrams of Ligandrol all along the fat reduction cycle.


For ladies, the fat loss cycle should endure a maximum of around 6 months and you will begin seeing results from 2nd week onwards.

Greatest Stack For Bulking Cycle

Bulking muscles is one of the most essential phases of bodybuilding. Most of the bodybuilders fail to work hard and build huge muscles.

At this cycle just I realized that yes I can be a bodybuilder also and decided to participate in the contest. Therefore, the Bulking cycle needs stronger SARMs compared to any other cycle. Bulking SARMs increase your desire and thus enable you to gain muscles and overall bulk.

  • Dirty Bulking: For gaining bulk the majority of bodybuilders wind up eating surplus calorie without measuring Macros. This diet increases the fat content on your body that will further cause you to struggle throughout the cutting cycle.
  • Clean Bulking: one of the most important points which I followed through my bulking cycle is the sterile bulking routine. As a consequence of SARMs, I was eating such as a beast but what I controlled was carrying crap and processed meals. Personally speaking, adhering to healthful food intake helped me in cutting. Like I have mostly gained hard and real bulky muscles because of protein consumption.

SARMs For Men

I’ve gained muscle mass throughout my entire body utilizing MK-677 Ibutamoren, RAD-140 Testolone and Ligandrol LGD-4033. MK-677 and RAD-140 are one of the most powerful SARMs and goals in bulking your own body by letting you eat more and exercise more. LGD-4033 is included for preventing fatigue.

During the majority cycle, I felt so tired and began losing interest due to mood swings and anxiety. Here Ligandrol saved me and provided all the necessary support. It boosted me with super energy and retained me recharged throughout the cycle. Along with this, I involved PCT supplement Rebirth PCT for the bulking cycle.

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Take 10 mg of MK-677 Ibutamoren and RAD-140 Testolone each using 5 mg of Ligandrol LGD-4033 for a complete bulking cycle. For PCT supplement contemplate recommended dosage from the manufacturer that’s 6 capsules daily here.


This cycle will last for 2 weeks with proper excess diet and extended cardio exercise sessions.

SARMs For Women

Unlike men, women aren’t suggested to follow the same SARMs for bulking as I did. They’re fairly harsh for females. Andarine S4 Together with Ligandrol is recommended for many Ladies on the market.

S4 is the main participant here that helps you improving your food consumption and Ligandrol will provide you with Stamina. You may not require a PCT supplement as these SARMs are light but if you would like then you may seek advice from your gym instructor.

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Take 10 milligrams of S4 and 5 mg LGD-4033 throughout the bulking cycle.


The ideal Bulking cycle for girls should be of 6 months.

Best Stack For Cutting Cycle

Cutting cycle chiefly followed for chiseling their own body shape. From bulky body to lean muscle is what you need to cover in cutting routine. I targeted SARMs that are meant for fat loss cutting and muscle retention.

SARMs For Men

By this time, I have mentally prepared myself for the competition. From the beginning of cutting regular, I consumed Ostarine and Cardarine GW-501516.

Both these SARMs are the most frequently used and advocated within the body construction community. This mixture worked as a boon for me and assisted me in gaining lean muscles. As both the SARMs are light hence there’s absolutely no need of PCT here.


I’d taken 10 mg each for the first 3 months and then for ripped muscles I surged it to 20 mg each. The same dose is suggested for you.


Cutting cycles depends upon what sort of transformation you are targeting. You can stop when you receive the discounts you are searching for. As per my experience, it should be 6 months and you will receive lean muscles like me.

SARMs For Women

Cardarine isn’t recommended for women as it’s the half-life of 24 hours and will remain for that long in your body.

Recommended SARMs below are Ostarine and Stenabolic SR9009. Stenabolic pushes extra fat dilution and promotes protein absorption for muscle building.


Take 10 milligrams of each for 2 weeks and then increase Stenabolic to 20 milligrams for the rest of the cycle.


Again it depends on your criteria of discounts you desire. Normally it must last to a maximum of 6 months.

Best SARMs Stack For Power Building Cycle

My coach specifically proposed this cycle for raising my endurance and efficiency to lift more weight slowly.

With muscle, it’s relatively easy to lift huge weights compared to lean muscles. For attaining that strength and stamina after cutting cycle, I had something extra. This cycle readies me for reaching that level in which I can compete with people in the higher weight category.

SARMs For Men

YK11 is often known as strength boosting SARM. Occasionally people do involve it in the bulking cycle but I preferred the blend of MK-677 and Ligandrol over YK11 for bulking because I had been targeting it for strength building. During this cycle also, I opted for PCT nutritional supplement, Rebirth PCT.

My mix for strength boosting is YK11 and Ligandrol.


Take 15 milligrams of each SARM for this complete cycle. Further to this, you’re recommended to take 6 capsules of Rebirth PCT daily.


The power cycle should last for 6-8 weeks.

SARMs For Women

Unlike men, it isn’t at all advisable for women to choose YK11 because it aims at increasing testosterone to get an energy surge.

S4 and Ostarine Together with Cardarine for the little duration are Suggested for high durability and stamina. It enables the safe generation of testosterone without causing any masculine side effects. It’s recommended to choose a PCT supplement in this cycle because you are using Cardarine.


It is highly advisable to take 15 milligrams of both the SARM for the whole cycle. Add 5 milligrams of Cardarine for two weeks out of 2nd week onwards. 4 capsules Rebirth PCT supplement per day.


The power cycle must last for 6-8 weeks.

Greatest SARMs Stack For Pre-Competition Cycle

This is the shortest cycle of as it begins as the last touch for any contest you’re engaging in. It’s a pretty difficult and vigorous routine that includes pumping of muscles, intense fat loss, minimize water retention and decreasing glycogen in muscle.

This will improve the leanness and enhances vascularity making muscles and more veins visibility. Ultimately, pumping is performed by weight lifting. This total procedure prepares your body for flaunting.

Here SARMS for people stays the same. I’ve consumed just 10 milligrams of Ostarine for 1 week only before the competition. As I was advised to minimize sodium sugar and water intake during this duration. Hence stronger SARMs aren’t advisable in this particular cycle.

Greatest Stack For Healing Cycle

To be honest, it had been my decision to go for the recovery cycle because the pre-competition routine was quite hectic and hard on my body and head. I felt the impulse to soothe my soul and body after the contest. You should think about planning a Healing cycle following a bulking or strength routine. It worked for me just like a detox.

SARMs For Men

Healing does not mean that you find yourself losing the muscles that you have gained. So, you need to ensure your body recovers and enhances at the same moment. In this cycle, I favor using MK-677, Ostraine and SR9009. As this is a recovery cycle, one ought to include a PCT supplement within this.


Take 10 mg of SR9009 and MK-677 for the whole cycle. Ostarine dose needs to be 20 mg for the same duration. Also, include 6 capsules of rebirth PCT.


This cycle is generally double all other cycles. Ideally, the Healing cycle must last for 2 weeks followed by 8 weeks off. That is 8 weeks SARMs consumption + 8 months SARMs gap.

SARMs For Women

Within this situation, Ostarine and SR9009 is your best mix recommended for women. PCT consumption is not mandatory.


Require 5 milligrams SR9009 and 10 mg Ostarine for the complete duration.


Again, it should last for 8 weeks with 8 Weeks gaps.

SARMs Triple Stack

This is only one of the strongest pile when it comes to SARMs and you must have learned about this. I adhere to triple stack when I am not following any bicycle.

By way of example, after my recovery gap, I started triple pile as I was in form and don’t require any extra effort. Just require energy and a source to keep my muscles.

This super stack contains Andarine S4, Ostarine MK-2866 and Cardarine GW-501516. I recommend it to both women and men. Furthermore, if you’re taking SARMs normally like I had been taking it then you need not consult anyone before starting a triple pile. The SARMs here are mild and extremely effective.

Normally, I do not suggest Cardarine for women but if it works fine for you as it does to most of the girls then go right ahead and use it. Else in the event that you would like to have an option, then my information here is SR9009 or Ligandrol depending whichever is your personal favorite.


If your body is used to SARMs intake now, then start using 20 mg of S4 and MK-2866 using 10 mg of Cardarine.


This stack continuously aims fat loss and muscle gain. You can follow this cycle along with your typical workout for as long as you want. But I like to continue this for 10 weeks followed by two weeks off.

SARMs Stack For Sale

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