Ideal Andarine(S4) dosage

Ideal Andarine(S4) dosage

SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) have a proven record as the best nootropics in use today. Compared to steroids, they have equal or better capabilities with little to no side effects. Among the most popular is Andarine, otherwise known as S-4. Andarine was initially developed by Japanese company Kaken Pharmaceuticals to combat Osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and its effect on muscle mass was discovered later. Taken in low doses, it helps reduce muscle atrophy hence leads to the building of healthy, lean muscle.

S4 as an Androgen works by combining with r-receptors in bone and muscle to stimulate cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Taken consistently in moderate to high doses, it will lead to gaining of muscle mass over time. It even helps to burn fat in that it holds on to adipose tissue and encourages anabolism. However, this takes place slowly as S4 is not as powerful as other SARMS, and definitely not like conventional steroids.

So, what is the ideal S4 dosage for you? That would depend on what your goal is. As with other SARMS, ideal dosage, or what may be referred to as the sweet spot, is very personal and varies heavily between people. As you begin taking S4 you experience increased energy even on low cal diets. With consistent use, you will feel your bones getting stronger along with a steady buildup of lean muscle. After a 3 month cycle, you can expect more muscle build up and reduce fatty tissue.

No matter what your ultimate aim is, we recommend starting off with low doses of 25mg-50mg per day and take it over 4-8 weeks. As your body slowly adapts you can take note of which side effects you experience. Third party tests list possible side effects as including yellowing of eyes and sensitivity to bright light. There are also reports of depressive cycles in some people. Higher doses will also mean more intense experiences. However, these effects are not permanent and typically fade away after discontinuing use.

In light of all these, we would recommend starting out at 25mg per day spread out in three doses, as the half-life of S4 is approximately 200 minutes. It is also advisable to take breaks every 2 days, as in cycles of 2 days of use followed by 1 off day. After 4-6 weeks, the dosage can be increased to 35-50mg per day with an eye on side effects. Most people respond well to doses of up to 75mg per day. It is proven safe to use continuously for up to3 months and can be cycled back within a year if necessary.

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